A Father Tried to Murder His Baby in an Unthinkable Way. That Baby Grew Up to Do Something Amazing.

A father injected his baby boy with HIV-tainted blood in an attempt to kill him. But God saved that baby… and survived developing AIDS at 5 years-old. He has even forgiven his cruel father for what he did.

Sourced from https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoInspirational

Sometimes the tragedies that befall us in life become a opportunity to be renewed. To mold us into the wonderful purpose GOD has in store for each and everyone of us. Out of this terrible act look at the workings of today in that boy, now mans life. He has experienced something that he can now go out in the world and help others that are going through similar experiences and hopefully touched other people with his life and bring them to be saved.

Even with the horrific act done by the father, we should not wish him an eternity in hell, but pray that he finds himself in GOD to be saved, forgiven and loved like GOD loves all his children. Before casting stones or pointing fingers at anyone (posture your hand pointing) ….remember there may be one finger pointing at that person but three pointing right back at you. The fact this young man forgives and shows such grace we all should be thankful for the good that helped mold the wonderful things this man is doing today. Funny if we examine our own lives for a moment. What has shaped us? what tragedies happened in our lives. The world is filled with acts of sin but the amazing things is what can germinate and grow stronger and break the chains that bind us.