Alan Brand Living Positively with HIV An Inspirational Story – Interview for Doctors Orders SABC TV3

Interview with Alan Brand, from Positively Alive done for the SABC TV3 Programme Doctors Orders for the World AIDS Day 2013 programme. See Alan talking about his diagnosis, disclosure, finding support, family support and see pictures of Alan interacting with his daughters, boyfriend and his dad. For more on Alan Brand visit

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Both a compelling personal account of life after the diagnosis of HIV and a self-help guide for other sufferers and their families, this book concentrates on the emotional and psychological aspects of living with the virus. After warning that a retreat into silence and denial is dangerous both mentally and physically, the author shares his own journey to acceptance and passes on to readers the new mindsets that helped him most: the habit of positive thinking, a holistic approach to health and nutrition, an effort toward inner healing, and ways to fight loneliness.